Chlorophyll & Microgreens

Chlorophyll & Microgreens

GREENS- They're green. But why? What makes them green? What compound gives microGREENS and all plants for that matter, their green pigment?

The answer is: Chlorophyll is the compound that makes microgreens- green!

But chlorophyll doesn't only give the greens their beautiful hue, it is extremely beneficial to your health, and you should definitely be consuming it regularly. 

Let's talk about Chlorophyll and microgreens today and take a deep dive on the health benefits of chlorophyll. 

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants, algae, and some bacteria that is responsible for the green color of many plants and allows them to absorb energy from light during photosynthesis. 

The key points about chlorophyll are:

  • Chlorophyll is a complex molecule made up of a porphyrin ring, a magnesium ion, and a hydrocarbon tail. There are several forms of chlorophyll, with chlorophyll a and b being the most common in plants. 
  • Chlorophyll absorbs light most strongly in the blue and red portions of the visible spectrum, which allows plants to efficiently capture sunlight for photosynthesis. The green light is reflected, giving plants their green appearance. 
  • Chlorophyll is concentrated within plant cells in structures called chloroplasts, where it plays a crucial role in the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis. It helps convert light energy into chemical energy in the form of ATP and NADPH. 

So chlorophyll gives plants their green color, but, what's more important to note is, just like every other vital nutrient contained in microgreens- chlorophyll is also found in more concentrated amounts in microgreens. 

This means, when you're consuming microgreens, you're also getting a high dose of chlorophyll as well! 

Microgreens are characterized by a high content of chlorophylls even compared to sprouts. The chlorophyll content in microgreens ranges from 195.6 to 638.5 μg/g fresh weight. In contrast, the chlorophyll content in sprouts is much lower, ranging from 6.0 to 108.5 μg/g fresh weight. 

The high chlorophyll content in microgreens is due to their cultivation under controlled environments with artificial lighting, which promotes the synthesis of chlorophyll a over chlorophyll b. A higher chlorophyll a to b ratio indicates that the microgreens were exposed to more intense light during growth. 

Because the light controlling microgreens growth is highly controlled and consistent, you can bet your bottom dollar that the chlorophyll content is going to be good and GREEN. 

Many people supplement chlorophyll, but if you're eating microgreens, you don't have to do that because you know you're getting a hefty dose every time you eat your microgreens- or microgreens powder. 

So, why do you want to be consuming chlorophyll? 

There's a few really great reasons. Let's look at them. 


  • Increases oxygen in the body- and therefore, oxygen delivery to tissues, and organs
  • Promotes Bloodflow and purification by encouraging lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulates immune system function
  • Eliminates fungus in the body
  • Cleans the intestines
  • Eliminates odors in the body
  • Energizes the body
  • Cancer preventative
  • Anti inflammatory

Chlorophyll Is widely popular for its ability to produce red blood cells in the body and for removing body odor when taken regularly. The more significant reason for this elimination of body odor is the encouragement of lymphatic drainage. When our lymphatic system is stagnant and isn't moving properly, this can cause a host of unwanted symptoms. Including body odor. 

As a result of the lymphatic drainage, we get the benefit of Edgar we know as “detox.”

Chlorophyll helps plants to produce oxygen, and is chemically similar to hemoglobin, which is a protein used to produce red blood cells. Because of this, researchers suggest that it may be helpful in treating hemoglobin deficiency disorders like anemia. 

By effectively transporting oxygen throughout the body, chlorophyll can also increase energy levels. 

Better oxygenation positively impacts cardiovascular health by reducing stress that is put on the heart. 

Your brain requires a significant amount of oxygen to function properly. Increasing oxygenation in the body, therefore, also has the potential to increase cognitive ability. 

Oxygenation is important for wound healing in the body, since it supports regeneration of tissues. Which means chlorophyll consumption can also aid in faster wound healing. 

Oxygen plays a vital role in reducing inflammation as well. Consuming chlorophyll can in this way indirectly contribute to anti inflammatory responses in the body. 

Scientific study has shown that chlorophyll effectively removes toxins from the body like heavy metals, environmental pollutants, excessive amounts of alcohol, and other chemical additives often found in processed foods which stay in the body for long periods of time. 

Chlorophyll has further been studied for its ability to reduce carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) from the body, and may even help control the side effects of chemotherapy when used alongside it. 

Chlorophyll has also been seen as a promising possible treatment for cancer. 

  • A 2015 review concluded that chlorophyllin might help prevent and slow cancer growth.
  • A study from 2005 found that natural chlorophyll reduced the risk of colon cancer in rats. The rats ate a diet high in red meat and low in green vegetables, which has associations with an increased risk of colon cancer. However, the authors did not see the same results for chlorophyllin.
  • A 2016 study found that chlorophyllin helped slow the progression of lung cancer in mice. The researchers administered the chlorophyllin to the mice in microscopic capsules known as nanocapsules.

Side note: Chlorophyllin is a semisynthetic form of chlorophyll. Imagine what the real thing can do!

According to some of the studies I've read, synthetic chlorophyl or chlorophyllinl is often used for scientific study because real chlorophyll is much too expensive for the purpose. 

Chlorophyll is not only useful when it comes to improving your physical health, 

Because of the oxygenation that chlorophyll provides to the body, it has also been said to have anti- anxiety properties, producing a calming effect. 

And when stress is minimized in the mind, we know that our bodies are put under less physical stress. This effects the immune system and we can assume every other body system. 

Stress can really do a number on our health, friends. So relax, and eat your greens. 

Whether you use it for your physical health, for your mental health, or both as a result, chlorophyll is extremely helpful as a supplement to your daily diet! 

And when you're consuming microgreens- you're not only receiving the vital nutrients 

contained in the microgreens, but you're also getting a healthy daily dose of chlorophyll, not in a plastic bottle or in a pill- but in its most raw and natural form. Right from the plant. 

Dani Greens microgreens are grown with organic soil and organic seed, without any extra additives that could take away from the benefits to you. 

I grow my microgreens with lots of TLC, and lots of pink hued lights, which only aids the plant in producing higher amounts of chlorophyll as we read above. 

If you are on the fence about trying Dani Greens microgreens and especially if you need desperately to provide your body with more nutrition, I'd encourage you to take the leap and do it! 

Microgreens have so much to offer your health, and your palate. They are also beautiful on your plate, packed with flavor and are easy to use. 

If you've been following me on social media, you have seen the progression of the Dani Greens microgreens powder that I've been producing. 

Dani Greens microgreens powders are preserved microgreens, dehydrated at the lowest setting, to ensure freshness and especially the nutrients contained in the microgreens. They are packed with nutrition and make it that much easier for you to supplement! I use them myself for my family everyday, and I know you're going to love them just as much as I do. 

I deliver organically grown, freshly harvested microgreens, across the Yuba Sutter area each week! But I'll be shipping the Dani Greens microgreens powders across the US. And maybe even beyond.  

It's never been easier to supplement your diet. And I am here to help you do that! 

Place your order for local delivery today at and you can receive freshly harvested, chlorophyll rich greens right to your front door. 

And if you're outside of the area and are interested in the Dani Greens microgreens powders, stay tuned friend. 

I'm really close to my first release of small batch microgreens powders, hand made by yours truly. 

I can't wait to serve you! 💚

Your personal microgreens farmer and friend,


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