Let Food Be Thy Medicine. The Truth About Processed Foods Diets Vs. Whole Food Diets & Microgreens

Let Food Be Thy Medicine. The Truth About Processed Foods Diets Vs. Whole Food Diets & Microgreens

Have you ever thought to read the labels on the boxes of processed foods that you regularly buy at the grocery store and that feed your family? 

Have you ever checked the ingredients list of processed foods that you normally consume? Have you ever done a Google search of the ingredients in the foods that you buy and feed your family? 

A few years ago, I was faced with these same questions, and took some time to think about them honestly instead of scrolling by like I'd never seen them at all. 

The answers that I found left me in total disbelief and changed the way I live and think completely. 

Processed foods make up close to 70% of the U.S. diet, including frozen fruits and vegetables, which are considered processed. Ultra-processed food consumption has increased from 53.5% of calories at the beginning of the 21st century to 57% at the end.

 Additionally, ultra-processed foods make up 73% of the US food supply. The consumption of ultra-processed foods has increased over the past two decades across nearly all segments of the U.S. population, according to a study by researchers at NYU School of Global Public Health. These statistics highlight the significant reliance on processed and ultra-processed foods in the American diet, raising concerns about the potential impact on public health.

When I first asked myself these questions and was willing to think about them honestly, 

I began to dig deep, to question my values and my goals for my family as a mother to 3 young children, and to ask myself what the future possibly held for myself and for my children, if I continued to live according to ease, comfort and convenience. 

When I began to read ingredients lists of foods that I had fed my children consistently, I saw preservatives and chemicals that nobody should consume in any amount, including known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, endocrine disruptors, artificial food dyes, high amounts of sugar, unhealthy oils, and the list went on...

Here are only some common ingredients found in boxed, bagged, popular processed and ultra- processed foods that people regularly feed to their families:

🚫Palm Oil: When hydrogenated, it can become a trans fat, which is linked to various health risks

🚫High Fructose Corn Syrup: Linked to obesity, diabetes, and other health issues

🚫Artificial Sweeteners: Some artificial sweeteners have been associated with negative health effects

🚫Sodium Nitrates and Sodium Nitrites: Found in processed meats and linked to an increased risk of cancer

🚫Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA): A preservative that has been deemed safe by the FDA but is considered a potential endocrine disruptor

🚫Carrageenan: Can cause digestive problems and inflammation

🚫Artificial dyes: Artificial dyes have been linked to serious side effects like cancer and hyperactivity

🚫Propyl Gallate: Added to fat-containing products and linked to cancer in humans

🚫Potassium Bromate: Added to bread to increase volume and linked to cancer in humans

🚫Trans Fats: Found in products containing partially hydrogenated oils and linked to various health risks

These are only a small fraction of the most common harmful ingredients found in processed foods that are consumed by the majority of Americans with every single meal. There's many more however, if you can believe that!

The attitude of so many Americans is that everything is toxic these days, so what they eat doesn't matter. We're exposed to toxins everywhere we go, so who cares if the foods we eat are full of harmful ingredients?

If this is your thinking, I'd like to ask you to challenge these attitudes and to be willing to ask the same questions that changed my life because they can change yours too. 

The final conclusion that I came to was that most of the "foods" I had been feeding my family were toxic. 

Toxic: 1.


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Toxic!?!?! Absolutely. There's no way to put it lightly. Unfortunately, America has progressed over time to this point with convenience and ease as the priority because it's more convenient to stop by the drive through window when you've got a long to-do list and less time to make a nutritious whole foods meal. It's less convenient to cook your own meals from whole foods. It's easier to dump a box in a pot. 

All of this has meant that, unfortunately, our health has become a less important priority in our lives as Americans, and that we many times haven't even considered that our food and behaviors regarding them is making us sick as a nation. 

We've put that on the back burner in the name of saving ourselves time and convenience!

Did you know that America is the sickest nation in the world? Cancer is a TRILLION dollar industry. The pharmaceutical industry bring in BILLIONS each year while they largely do not cure illness, but rather, cover up  symptoms, while also causing others to arise. Which means a continuous stream of patients, who will keep coming back for expensive medications and who will eventually need more, due to more symptoms that arise. It's a never ending revolving door of madness. 

Why? Why is this allowed to continue? Why are harmful ingredients that are proven to cause disease in the body with repeated exposure, allowed in the most popular processed foods on grocery store shelves? 

Surely, the average American doesn't go into the grocery store thinking that they may be buying foods that can potential harm their own families. 

The only plausible conclusion is that when the food of a nation is controlled and manipulated, so are its people. In ways that the common person couldn't imagine because WHO would ever willingly feed people what can harm them with a lifetime of consumption? 

And while we might think "no, no, no, no....." I'd ask you, again, to consider all of this honestly. 

Go into your cupboard and grab a processed food item that you regularly consume. Turn it over and read the ingredients list. Choose a few ingredients then Google them. And then, their possible side effects. 

Please know, I am not telling you all of this to shame you or to give you a guilt trip. 

It's the goal of DaniGreens to nourish the people of my local communities and to help them to reach their goals in not just living, but thriving. 

Our health, including our mental health, is decided mostly by what we consume. 

Have you ever heard the saying "you are what you eat?" Its true. 

Many modern day people like to think that ancient people were dumb oafs, who didn't know anything because they were uneducated. They like to think that we've progressed as a society. 

Hippocrates was a Greek physician of the classical period who said: 

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” 

Food as medicine? Yes! 

Consuming a diet high in processed foods, especially ultra-processed foods, can lead to various health risks. These foods are often high in sugar, artificial ingredients, refined carbohydrates, and trans fats, and they tend to be low in fiber and essential nutrients. Health concerns associated with high consumption of ultra-processed foods include increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. 

Additionally, these foods can be calorie-dense, leading to overeating and weight gain. Some researchers believe that the processing itself, not just the nutritional content, contributes to the health risks associated with ultra-processed foods.

 It's important to be mindful of the levels of added sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats in processed foods, as well as their potential lack of nutritional value. Making an effort to reduce the intake of processed foods and opting for whole, raw, minimally processed foods can help mitigate these health risks. 

Dani Greens wants to not only be a source of trusted nutrition in our community, but a source of education, that helps to reshape the attitudes and behaviors of our local communities and how we view the foods that we eat and what purpose they serve. And if they are serving us at all, for that matter. 

The purpose of eating is to nourish our bodies, not only so that we don't starve, but so that we can thrive. The purpose of eating is nutrition. So that our bodies can function properly, as they were meant to. Health and longevity. 

When I first started to question my own attitudes about food, my goals for my family, challenging my own behaviors about the foods I consumed and what my priorities were and what they should be, it wasn't an overnight process that led to changed habits. It was a process that slowly transformed over time with education. It can take time to change our habits, but it is so worth it when it comes to what we consume! That starts with a willingness to consider the questions at the beginning of this blog post, and then, education, awareness, intention and determination to make positive changes in our behaviors. 

Eating a whole foods-based diet can have a significant impact on health. 

Whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds are rich in essential nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, which are important for overall health and well-being. 

These foods tend to be lower in sugar and higher in fiber, which helps balance blood sugar and can contribute to lower rates of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. 

They also allow nutrients to act together as they were meant to, and may help decrease inflammation, decrease sugar cravings, and fight free radicals, which can damage the body's cells. 

Research has consistently shown that whole unprocessed foods improve health and reduce the risk of chronic disease, while processed foods tend to contribute to chronic disease. In contrast, the consumption of ultra-processed foods has been associated with poor diet quality and a higher risk of several chronic diseases. Therefore, incorporating whole, minimally processed foods into the diet is crucial for improving health outcomes and reducing the health burden associated with poor diets.

Dani Greens grows our microgreens with your health in mind. We grow our microgreens with the intention of nourishing our neighbors in a powerful way, so that YOU can thrive. So that you can live your life to the fullest. So that we all can thrive together. 

If ease and convenience has been one of your reasons for the processed foods you choose at the grocery store, I understand that completely as a single mama. I know that your time can be thinly stretched most days.  It happens so easily. With so many responsibilities on your plate each day, convenience becomes important to help manage your time.  

But I hope you can see that you can still choose convenient options that help you better manage your time, while also refusing to sacrifice the most important things, like your health and your body's ability to properly function and thrive.

Dani Greens is here to help you with the convenience of home delivery! Let us help you make healthy food choices for your family, that are also convenient. 

Dani Greens grows our microgreens with love, care and intention. We harvest them, package them in recyclable clamshells, and deliver them right to your front door. Dani Greens microgreens are grown using all natural, high quality organic soil and seed, without any added pesticides, herbicides or harmful cleaning agents. 

You know what you're getting when you buy Dani Greens microgreens. And that is freshly harvested REAL, organic food. 

There's nothing more convenient than that! Dani Greens makes life easier for you to have whole, raw, nutrient dense food that will feed your body and serve you well. 

The nutritional value of microgreens is almost unbelievable when you start to dig into the available information. 

One study found microgreens to be up to 40 times more nutritious than a full grown veggie! That is simply AMAZING. Other studies have found that the possible health benefits of microgreens are substantial, as a result of the nutrient content of these tiny seedlings. 

Microgreens offer various health benefits, including being rich in nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They may help manage type 2 diabetes, improve cognitive function, lower the risk of heart disease, prevent cancer, protect vision, and support gut health.

Incorporating microgreens into your daily diet can be a convenient and nutritious way to potentially reduce the risk of certain diseases and improve your overall health! 

Plus, microgreens are DELICIOUS. So you don't have to worry about trying to choke down something that you can't also enjoy. 

Dani Greens hopes to connect with our neighbors on a powerful level, and to be a part of transforming our community as a result. We hope to reach to the core of what matters most for all of us as a community, and that is, that we can be our best together. 

I hope that this small bit of information regarding the realities of processed foods and changing our thinking about food in general has been educational and has maybe even given you an incentive to reflect and to ask yourself questions that you might not have thought about asking yourself before. Most people don't because there are so many distractions in our modern day that keep our attention on other things. 

Your health is important to Dani Greens and we want to see you thrive! 

The perfect way for you to start making  changes to your diet, tossing processed food diets, and to be intentional about consuming raw, nutrient dense food is by adding Dani Greens microgreens to your daily diet, which is also easy and convenient with home delivery. 

Dani Greens has a new 5 Greens Mix Sample Box for your to sample each microgreens variety that we currently offer. The 5 Greens Mix Sample Box was created with you in mind! It is a compostable box filled with beautiful, vibrantly colored, delicious, nutrient dense whole food that can seriously impact your life and health if you will make a commitment to be consistent. 

Click here to get the Dani Greens 5 Greens Mix Sample Box delivered right to your front porch https://danigreens.com/products/untitled-dec7_11-48l

Making the choice to change our attitudes and habits is not an easy feat. But if I can do it, you can too! Challenging your behaviors and attitudes is a courageous feat in itself. Dani Greens is here for you Yuba Sutter.  

If you have any questions about the information I've shared here at all, I would love to have a conversation about it with you! Please feel free to send me an email at info@danigreens.com and I am more than happy to help you on this journey. 

Dani Greens can't wait to see you thrive,  and to be there for you every step of the way! 🌱💚💪

Your friendly neighborhood microgreens farmer, 


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