How Our Locally Delivered Micro Greens Service Works

Hi friends,

I'm Dani, and I'm thrilled you're reading this information! We are just launching our business - so you probably have a lot of questions. Let me explain how our local micro-greens deliver service works - and help answer any questions you might have about my small business.

The Thing We Do: Here is the summary of how our business works:

  1. We grow super healthy (soon to be certified) organic micro-greens in an indoor environment using the highest industry standards for both maximum nutrition - and safety. 
  2. We use a 'grow-to-order' system so that we only make what you want. That way - freshness is optimal and there isn't any waste. You simply sign up for a subscription of the items you want and every Tuesday we deliver to your doorstep. Old-school, like a paper route, but we don't throw them from our bicycle. We knock on your door, hand deliver them, say "hello" and chat, like a good neighbor should.
  3. You can cancel your subscription at any time - no worries. Or you can increase your order, or add more items, and the next Tuesday, we'll deliver it to ya. Simple.

It's really that simple. If you're reading this page, you're probably aware of the incredible health benefits of micro greens. If you want more information on that topic, check out the Dani Greens blog here:

If you have any additional questions - call me during normal business hours, send me a text, or you can email me at . You can see all my contact info on our contact page.

Thanks for reading this! You're helping me make my dreams come true, put food on the table for my kiddos, and strengthen our community too.

God bless!