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30 Day Supply- Radish Rescue

30 Day Supply- Radish Rescue

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Radish Rescue is a nutrient dense, whole foods powdered microgreens supplement that is made using Dani Greens Radish Shoots. 

Radish Rescue will provide your body with a large and clean dose of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll, fiber, protein, and are especially high in B Vitamins which are essential for the production of Red Blood cells, good brain health, proper nerve function, hormone production, and provide you with that boost in your mood and energy that you are looking for each day. 

Radish Shoots are a great source of daily nutrition to your diet, plus are packed with that spicy radish flavor to add a kick to your food that you won't be able to get enough of! 

Choose either a 30 or 60 day supply of powder and take it each day using your 1/4 tsp wooden scoop in one easy dose.

Supplementing your daily diet with microgreens powder supplements can offer several benefits:

1. Nutrient density: Microgreens are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a concentrated source of nutrients.

2. Convenience: Microgreens powder supplements provide an easy and convenient way to incorporate the health benefits of fresh microgreens into your diet, especially for those with busy lifestyles or limited access to fresh produce.

3. Versatility: Microgreens powder can be easily added to smoothies, juices, salads, soups, or other dishes, allowing for versatile and creative ways to boost your nutrient intake.

4. Digestibility: Microgreens powder supplements are often easier to digest than whole microgreens, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive digestive systems.

5. Immune support: The abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in microgreens can help support a healthy immune system and overall well-being.

Overall, supplementing your daily diet with microgreens powder supplements can be a convenient and effective way to enhance your nutrient intake and support optimal health.

With only 1/4 tsp. per day for adults, and 1/8 tsp. per day for kids under 12, Dani Greens microgreens powder supplements are a great source of raw, whole food nutrition for your whole family. 

Using whole foods supplements will always trump that of pill form supplements, that are often not easily absorbed by the body, and are lacking in some key areas which a raw whole foods supplement will not be. 

Dani Greens powdered microgreens supplements are available in 5 varieties, and can be used as a nutrient dense source of nutrition along with being packed with flavor to add to your meals. 

Add Dani Greens microgreens powdered supplements to your water, juice, smoothie or on any foods that you eat and experience the convenience and ease of supplementing raw, whole foods supplements! 

All Dani Greens microgreens powders will include a 1/4 teaspoon wooden scoop for added convenience. Simply fill the scoop evenly, and you have your daily dose! 

For kids under 12, you can use half of the 1/4 tsp scoop. 

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